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Exploring Automatic Recognition of Labanotation Dance Scores
[This post describes the research of Michelle de Böck and is based on her MSc Information Sciences thesis.] Digitization of cultural heritage content allows for the digital archiving, analysis and other processing of that content. The [Read More...]
The ESWC2019 PhD Symposium
As part of the ESWC 2019 conference program, the ESWC PhD Symposium was held in wonderful Portoroz, Slovenia. The aim of the symposium, this year organized by Maria-Esther Vidal and myself, is to provide a [Read More...]
Trip Report: AKBC 2019
About two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the 1st Conference on Automated Knowledge Base Construction held in Amherst, Massachusetts. This conference follows up on a number of successful workshops held at venues [Read More...]
6th International Symposium “Perspectives on ICT4D”
On 23 May, as part of the VU ICT4D course, for the 6th time, W4RA and SIKS organized the annual symposium “Perspectives on ICT4D“. This year’s theme was how to tackle “Global Challenges” in a [Read More...]
Digital Humanities in Practice 2018/2019
Last friday, the students of the class of 2018/2019 of the course Digital Humanities and Social Analytics in Practice presented the results of their capstone internship project. This course and project is the final element [Read More...]
Architectural Digital Humanities student projects
In the context of our ArchiMediaL project on Digital Architectural History, a number of student projects explored opportunities and challenges around enriching the dataset. This dataset lists buildings and sites in countries outside of Europe [Read More...]
Trip Report: ISWC 2018
Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the 17th International Semantic Web Conference held at Asiolomar Conference Grounds in California. A tremendously beautiful setting in a state park along the ocean. This trip [Read More...]
Who uses DBPedia anyway?
[this post is based on Frank Walraven‘s Master thesis] Who uses DBPedia anyway? This was the question that started a research project for Frank Walraven. This question came up during one of the meetings of the [Read More...]
Trip Report: Dagstuhl Seminar on Knowledge Graphs
Last week, I was at Dagstuhl for a seminar on knowledge graphs specifically focused on new directions for knowledge representation. Knowledge Graphs have exploded in practice since the release of Google’s Knowledge Graph in 2012. [Read More...]
The Benefits of Linking Metadata for Internal and External users of an Audiovisual Archive
[This post describes the Master Project work of Information Science students Tim de Bruijn and John Brooks and is based on their theses] Audiovisual archives adopt structured vocabularies for their metadata management. With Semantic Web and [Read More...]