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Every pupil demands some sort of case.
Composing an article may be a monotonous perform. Avert being afraid to begin writing an article. Whomever says your essays may pick up on your own sense of self-confidence when composing them, in addition to [Read More...]
Hearing (Knowledge) Graphs
[This post is based on Enya Nieland‘s Msc Thesis “Generating Earcons from Knowledge Graphs” ] Three earcons with varying pitch, rythm and both pitch and rythm Knowledge Graphs are becoming enormously popular, which means that users interacting [Read More...]
Virtual Human Rights Lawyer project
The Virtual Human Rights Lawyer is a joint project of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the Netherlands Office of the Public International Law & Policy Group to help victims of serious human rights violations obtain access [Read More...]
Interconnect Project kickoff
On 1 October 2019, the Horizon2020 Interconnect project has started. The goal of this huge and ambitious project is to achieve a relevant milestone in the democratization of efficient energy management, through a flexible and [Read More...]
Semantics2019 trip report
Last week, I attended the SEMANTiCS2019 conference in Karlsruhe, Germany. This was the 15th edition of the conference that brings together Academia and Industry around the topic of Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Technologies and the [Read More...]
Linked Art Provenance
In the past year, together with Ingrid Vermeulen (VU Amsterdam) and Chris Dijkshoorn (Rijksmuseum Amsterdam), I had the pleasure to supervise two students from VU, Babette Claassen and Jeroen Borst, who participated in a Network [Read More...]
Trip Report: SIGMOD/PODS 2019
It’s not so frequently that you get a major international conference in your area of interest around the corner from your house. Luckily for me, that just happened. From June 30th – July 5th, SIGMOD/PODS was [Read More...]
Remembering Maarten van Someren
Last week, while abroad, I received the very sad news that Maarten van Someren passed away. Maarten was one of the core teachers and AI researchers at Universiteit van Amsterdam for 36 years and for [Read More...]
Trip Report: ESWC 2019
From June 2 – 6, I had the pleasure of attending the Extended Semantic Web Conference 2019 held in Portorož, Solvenia. After ESWC, I had another semantic web visit with Axel Polleres, Sabrina Kirrane and [Read More...]
Exploring Automatic Recognition of Labanotation Dance Scores
[This post describes the research of Michelle de Böck and is based on her MSc Information Sciences thesis.] Digitization of cultural heritage content allows for the digital archiving, analysis and other processing of that content. The [Read More...]