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A look back at UCDS at ICT.Open2018
Two weeks ago, ICT.Open2018 was held in Amersfoort. This event brings together Computer Science researchers from all over the Netherlands and our research group was present with many posters and presentations. We even won a prize! [Read More...]
An Augmented Reality App to Annotate Art
[This post is based on the Bachelor project by Jurjen Braam and reuses content from his thesis] The value of Augmented Reality applications has been shown for a number of different tasks. Most of these show [Read More...]
W4RA work featured in BBC article
Screenshot of the bBC article “‘Siri, will talking ever top typing?’ By Padraig Belton” A BBC web article “‘Siri, will talking ever top typing?’ By Padraig Belton features our W4RA work done on voice interfaces for [Read More...]
Field trip to Ghana, feb 2018
As part of the ongoing W4RA efforts, the VU ICT4D team visited West-Africa once more. This time, we visited Mali, Burkina Faso and Ghana. I personally went to Ghana to talk to external PhD candidate [Read More...]
Trip Report: Royal Society & KNAW – Responsible Data Science
Last week, I had the pleasure to be able to attend a bilateral meeting between the Royal Society and the KNAW. The aim was to strengthen the relation between the UK and Dutch scientific communities. [Read More...]
A Voice Service Development Kit for the Kasadaka platform
[This post is written by André Baart and describes his MSc thesis] While the internet usage in the developing world is still low, the adoption of simple mobile phones is widespread. A way to offer the [Read More...]
Machine-to-machine communication in rural conditions: Realizing KasadakaNet
[This post describes research by Fahad Ali and is based on his Msc. thesis] Contextual constraints (lack of infrastructure, low-literacy etc.) play an important role in ICT for Development (ICT4D) projects. The Kasadaka project offers a [Read More...]
DIVE+ collection enrichment paper wins best paper award at MTSR2017
Last week, I visited the 11th Metadata and Semantics Research Conference (MTSR2017) in Tallinn, Estonia. This conference brings together computer scientists. information scientists and people from the domain of digital libraries to discuss their work [Read More...]
Trip Report: ISWC 2017
Last week, I conferenced! I attended the 16th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2017) in Vienna at the beginning of the week and then headed up to FORCE 2017 in Berlin for the back half [Read More...]